Domain Transfer Scams

DomainsAt least once a month, I get a call or an email from a client about their domain name expiring and what they should do. This is ussually triggered by a snail mail from the American Registry Company of America or the lastest one I saw was an email from some random company that is charging 75/yr for domains. Either way these are scams to take over as domain registry service the overcharge for the service or worse yet to steal your domain from you and then hold handsom for as much as your willing to pay. Short story don’t do it. If you have questions contact your current domain registrar, they will insure your not falling for a domain transfer scam.

Basic things to prevent becoming a domain transfer scam victim.

  • Make sure you have full control of you domain.
    • If you can’t login into the website and move your domain to a new domain register and they require you to send an email, make a phone call or open a ticket, you do not have full control.
  • Use well know domains registrars. I suggest one of the following:
    • If you have a lot of domains, consider using
    • If you manage a lot of client email consider using
  • Put your domain expiration on your calendar (even it is 10 years away).
  • Put your creation/renewal anniversary on your calendar
  • Check the contact information (aka whois info) on you domain is current at least once a year. Technically this is required by ICANN, which is the governing body over domain names.
  • Keep your hosting and domain accounts separate. This insures you have full control of the domain. Some hosting services are extremely painful to move your domain from their services. It is easier to change DNS or Name Server Records good registrar than moving domains from a hosting company.
  • All mission critical domains should be registered for at least five years at a time.
  • Make sure your domain is locked
  • Optionally you can hide all your contact information with domain privacy. This service will cost extra.

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